Finding a cure for mitochondrial disease requires a constant dialogue and synergies between basic researchers, clinicians and the community. Raising public awareness and promoting education for mitochondrial disease is vital to advance in our knowledge on the pathogenesis and treatment of mitochondrial disease.

The determined efforts of countless individuals, associations and foundations,  have greatly, and positively, impacted mitochondrial research in many levels ranging from providing the perfect environment for mitochondrial researchers to thrive to promoting changes in governmental funding agencies. Among these organizations, we would like to acknowledge the invaluable contributions of the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation (UMDF) and the North-West Mitochondrial Research Guild in promoting mitochondrial disease research and education at a national/worldwide or local level, respectively, in the USA and AEPMI and the Fundación Mencía, in Spain.




The Quintana lab is committed to help increase public engagement and awareness of mitochondrial disease by ensuring the spread of our research by talking to the press and providing short summaries of key research papers and other developments in our blog and gallery. Also, by participating in public seminars and by interacting within local, national and international associations in meetings and community-oriented events.